Tanggapan atas artikel Tuesday, July 22, 2008 2:44 AM Be a member & get the benefits! Register or login International education: Are we really getting it?


–>The article above only further shows the inability of Indonesia in complying with global standards and requirements, in this case, relating to international education.

I can recommend several ways to verify the international “worthiness and credibility” of these so called international schools in Indonesia, based on my experience last year when I moved from Indonesia to Vienna, Austria.

My daughter is now attending the Vienna International School (VIS). My decision to enroll her in this excellent school are due to the following factors or parameters:

1. The school is accredited by several international education accreditation bodies such as the ECIS (www.ecis.org) or COIS (www.cois.org) I verify this by checking the accreditation bodies’ websites. The bodies has standard and requirements that has been met by the VIS.

2. Because of its accreditation, VIS graduates will have an International Bacalaurete (IB)diploma, which is a requirement to enroll in the world’s leading universities.

3. Profile of the VIS Alumni is very impressive. Alumni of VIS went on to attend prestigous universities around the world and work in prominent international organizations.

Every parents should at least ask these three questions to these so-called international schools in Indonesia. Don’t be surprised that most of them will not be able to answer these questions. What is the purpose of obtaining an international education if one can not obtain an international world-class job?


–>As a ‘Western’ foreigner working & planning to start an IT business in Jakarta, I totally agree with this article. I have to warn potential Indonesian parents and students not to be so gullible. These so called ‘International’ badge in most cases is used to charge exorbitant fees from hard pressed, well meaning Indonesians.

Having spent 30+ years in UK, USA & Europe I am compelled to say that teachers form these countries are not all good. Most are average and the teachers (& unfortunately majority of other professionals too) who seek out Indonesia to work, are generally of poor quality. Indonesia must get much more stricter in allowing expatriates to work here.

Indonesians are very clever, capable and hard working. You must build confidence in yourselves & your youngsters, your capabilities and your own products. Dont let overseas ‘experts’ say otherwise. I have worked with such hign calibre Indonesian professionals in the oil & gas industry in Middle East & USA and therefore make such a statement.


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