Sign Language

It has only been during the last couple of decades that American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, and interpreter training programs have emerged as academic professions on the college/university level. More recently, some high schools are offering American Sign Language as a language option in their curriculum. It is also exciting to see that even the elementary and middle schools incorporate some unit studies on American Sign

Language, the Deaf community, and its culture. With more Deaf children being mainstreamed in the regular classrooms and Deaf people at large being able to access more services and programs through the use of interpreters everywhere, more hearing people have become exposed to the Deaf community and their language: American Sign Language (ASL). This kind of public exposure and the resulting media coverage have stirred up increasing curiosity among hearing adults and children about the silent, intriguing language and world of Deaf people.

Intinya … bahasa isyarat yang digunakan oleh Amerika (yang sedikit berbeda dengan Indonesia)

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