Disabled Children

The inspiration for the research on which this book is based resulted from a conversation with my daughter. In a discussion about nothing in particular, one comment hit me with its crystal certainty. At the age of 10
my daughter reassured me about my disabled son’s future in this way. She said: ‘Don’t worry daddy, when you are too old I will look after Marc.’ Marc is her brother. He has a condition referred to as spastic quadriplegia, and severe learning disabilities. These labels do not really represent Marc as we know him, but it helps with the image of his dependency and the reason why his sister understood that his care needs were in many ways different from her own. My daughter’s comment made me realise that it was not only I who was aware of my son’s disabilities, but my daughter also, and she was thinking of his future at a time when my partner and I were ‘taking a day at a time’. The inspiration drawn from that comment helped formulate a plan of research into the needs of siblings, and subsequently this book.

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