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ABA & Autism

Imagine the following hypothetical scenario: you have a beloved young child whose health just does not seem to be normal. You observe that she has persistent fevers, is lethargic and tired much of the time, and has aching joints and bones. You express concerns about your child’s health to your family physician, who tells you that it’s just a phase that she will grow out of, or not to worry because girls tend to be less active than boys. So you wait a while, and you watch your child closely, and the symptoms don’t go away; in fact,
they seem to worsen. Still the physician does not think your concerns are sufficient to warrant the trouble and expense of a bunch of tests, so he recommends giving the child aspirin for the fever and aches, and a vitamin to boost her energy level. But your child does not get better, and your anxiety mounts.
You begin to compare notes with parents of other children near the same age as your daughter, and do some reading on childhood illnesses. From the information you obtain, it seems that the symptoms you have observed in your child could signal any of several conditions, including childhood cancer, so you decide to take her to a professional who specializes in diagnosing cancer in young children. To your dismay, you learn that there are not very many of those professionals around, so you have to wait a long time for an appointment.
Finally the evaluation is done, and your daughter is given a diagnosis that stuns and chills you: acute lymphocytic leukaemia (ALL).

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