Getting Started (CRC Module Part 2)

  1. Start off with an activity to get people together and to start them thingking about the principles of children’s rights. Tell the participants that they will be working in pairs in this exercise and ask them to find a partner. (Encourage them to work with someone they do not know well)
  2. Give each pair a set of the “Wants & needs” handout (4 pages, three of them have six words on them while the fourth page has two words and four blank spaces).
  3. The participants should work with their partners to do two things. First, they should look through the pictures and decide which ones represent the needs of the child. Secondly, they should also fill in the four blank spaces with needs not represented by the pictures. Before they begin, give them the focus question “Our objective in this activity will be to answer the question : What is essential for the development of the child?”
  4. After they completed the above, tell them that for reasons of economy the government cannot provide yong people with all the things they want or need. Ask them to go through their list and eliminate eight non-essential items.
  5. Next, tell them that the government has reduced the budget allocation and further cuts are necessary. They should now eliminate another eight items.
  6. Each pair should report to the whole group on their final eight items. As they reporting back, make the list of their items on the flip chart. Note which items are the same for different groups and any that are different. Ask the group the following questions. First, Why did you keep these last eight items? (How did you decide?). Second, did you find it difficult to eliminate any items? )Which ones?). Third, What is the difference between a want and a need?. Last, what does a child need for development?
  7. See if you can get them to come to a concensus on what a child need – as opposed to wants. That is, what do they consider to be essential to the development of the child? Then list these needs.You could represent their final list as visual and tape it to thes wall for later reference.
  8. Finish off by introducing the concept of “rights”


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    I liked your blog.

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    If you have any suggestion in this regard, please mail me.

    Wishing you all the best in work and leisure,

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