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An Introduction to the UN CRC (Part 1)

a training module from International Save the Children Alliance (ASIA)

Objectives : at the end of this session, you will have

  • defined the therm “child rights” and be able to group the right in the Convention into different categories,
  • decided what are the needs of the child,
  • looked at the historical background of the Convention,
  • been introduced to the concepts of ratification and accesion and the monitoring & reporting requierements.

Material & equipment :

  • flip chart, markes, and tape
  • OHP
  • copies of handouts for the participants

Group introduction & expectations :

  1. In your training programs, you may have participants from outside your organization. Take a few minutes to knows each other before you begin. Welcome the particioants and ask each one to introduce her/himself and say what s/he does in her/his work.
  2. Ask the participants to say what expectations they have for the CRC training pogram ; “What do you hope to get out of this training program?” Record the participants’ answers on the flip chart paper. You can tape the sheets of paper to wall of the training room. In this way, when you get to the last module and you are rounding off the training, you can refer back to the expectations to see if or how well they have been met.
  3. Then share with them the overall aim of the training program, which is “To raise awareness of the CRC and the understanding of how the CRC can be used to further the rights of the child”
  4. Then, tell the participants the overall objectives of the entire training program ; understand and discuss with others the basic principles of the CRC, use the CRC to analyze the rights of children in the country, use the CRC to review and assess your own work
  5. Finally, tell them that the training program is arranged into six modules. Give them a brif outline of each module. If you have prepared a timetable showing the different sessions and the workshop times, you can give it out now. Before you move on the next section, explain that this first module will provide an overview of the complete training. Some of the issues raised in this first module will be dealt with more detail in the later modules.


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