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Conducting an Instructional Analysis

It is a procedure that results in the identification of the relevant subordinate skills which are required for a student to achieve the goal.
A subordinate skill is a skill that must be achieved in order to learn some higher or superordinate skill.
Three approaches: procedural, hierarchical, and combination of both. It depends on the behavior described in the instructional goal.

The procedural Approach
It is used when the behavior to be taught is a series of behaviors which must be performed in sequence to achieve the goal.
Examples: to make a long-distance call, to make a recipe (fried rice), and to open a can

The Hierarchical Approach
It is used when prior subordinate skills are learned before the superordinate skills can be achieved.
Examples: addition, subtraction, multiplication in mathematics, prerequisite courses for many courses offered in colleges and universities.

The Combination Approach
It is used with a complex psychomotor skills or a relatively complex linear chain of cognitive tasks.
Examples: to parallel park a car, to open and maintain a checking, account for two months.


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