Outdoor ideas (Part 1)

Have a doughnut-eating contest:
Using ring doughnuts, tie the doughnuts loosely with kitchen string and suspend in the garden from a washing line or low branch. With your hands behind your back, line up in front of a doughnut, and start the race! You will need plenty of damp towels for clean-up time afterwards!

Paint the patio with chalk:
Get out the coloured chalk and create some art on the patio or pavement. Warn younger children that the paintings will wash off soon or they may be dismayed when their great creations disappear!

Practice your throwing and catching:
You can almost never have enough catching practice! Use balls and bean bags. Throw over-arm and under-arm. Throw to and fro, around in a circle, at a target, against a wall, and up in the air!
There are lots of throwing and catching games you can play too. What about pig in the middle, if there are three of you? Or, if you have plenty of people and space, try this one: Stand in a ring with one person in the middle. He throws a bean bag as high as he can into the air, and while it is in the air all the other players run as far as they can away from him. When the bean bag lands he shouts “stop!” and all players must freeze. He then runs to where the bean bag lands, picks it up, and tries to throw it at one of the players. If he can reach someone and the bean bag hits them, they must be the next in the middle.

Play with water:
Dress in swim-suits and fill up the paddling pool or any large plastic containers you have – the more the merrier! Set the sprinkler going and get out all the water-pistols you can find. Have fun! Don’t forget to supervise little children at all times if there is water about.


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