Excellence in education (In’am Al Mufti)

To strive for excellence in education means to strive for a richer curriculum, based
on the varying talents and needs of all students, the realization of each student’s
potential, and the development and nurturing of outstanding talent. It is also
most important to ensure that teachers receive better training in how to teach
high-level curricula. Otherwise, society’s message to students would be to aim
for academic adequacy, not academic excellence.
T h e r o l e o f t h e f ami l y, c ommu n i t y a n d
n o n – g o v e r nme n t a l o r g a n i z a t i o n s
To identify talent and to nurture it is not the responsibility of the school alone.
The role of the family and the local community in developing potential provides
the basis for and complements the efforts of the school. In turn, the nongovernmental
organizations can play a key role in assisting communities to assume
their social responsibilities. They can be very effective in developing awareness and
efficiency and in promoting participation of all members of the community.
A n d , mo s t imp o r t an t l y, wome n
The backbone of community involvement remains the increased participation of
women in the development process, an issue that has become central to human
development and which will be increasingly recognized in the future. Women are
currently under-represented in almost all advanced education programmes and in
most top administrative positions. The key to increasing the participation of women is
education. Educating women is probably one of the most rewarding investments a
nation can make. Expanding opportunities for women, and especially for women and
girls of outstanding abilities, opens up avenues for the emergence of women leaders
and allows them to make a valuable contribution to decision-making for the benefit of
educational progress and sustainable development.


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